PROJECT'S Consultation:

YAC   Set out a step-by-step plan showing you what needs to be taken to achieve the best result for your property.

YAC Feasibility study service that helps you see all the options available and offers professional advice on how to achieve them.

   Consultation - Feasibility Study - Building Warrant Construction  Survey                    Planning Application            Pre-Construction                           Post-Construction




YAC      provide a survey drawing package which includes;

    Floor Plans which show dimensions of internal rooms.


Planning application: YAC Offers professional advice in preparing and lodging a successful planning application. YAC will act as your agent, corresponding and meeting with the municipality and other authorities.

    Consultation              Feasibility Study            Building Warrant                      Construction

                                  Survey                    Planning Application            Pre-Construction                         Post-Construction




Feasibility study

YAC  Feasibility study service that helps you see all the options available and offers professional advice on how to achieve    them.

              Once the survey is complete, we can set out the steps necessary to achieve your design

    Consultation              Feasibility Study            Building Warrant                      Construction

                                Survey                     Planning Application            Pre-Construction                           Post-Construction






The stage where we appoint a builder and agree the final price for construction. At this stage a choice must be made between carrying out an open tender between several builders or going with one you know and trust.



At this stage you have to choose between managing the construction project yourself or engaging YAC to do it for you. If you choose to manage the project yourself, YAC strongly recommend you use a Homeowner Contract between you and the builder.


  Consultation          Feasibility Study                Building Warrant                       Construction

                                   Survey                   Planning Application              Pre-Construction                      Post-Construction

YAC Taking over certificate:

           The Building Standards inspector must inspect the finished building and issue a completion   certificate. If the building is not constructed according the approved Building Warrant drawings, an amendment to warrant must be applied for.

Building Warrant: YAC In Egypt it is illegal to begin construction unless a Building Warrant has been granted. A Building Warrant ensures the proposed design complies with the Building Regulations.


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